Portfolio swiss chris

This exercise was an example of his worldwide appearances and online courses, where he teaches the following concepts:


  • Audio selection
  • Listening
  • Sampling
  • Sample “chopping”
  • Waveforms operations
  • Soundbite treatment (hi-or low pass filtering
  • Re-sampling
  • Tempo
  • Pitch adjustment


  • Midi programming and assignments
  • Machine and/or software USB operations
  • Triggering and drum set response
  • Velocity
  • Sensitivity
  • Attack
  • Consistency


  • Synchronized real-time triggering of sound bytes
  • Looping
  • Samples
  • 808s from acoustic and electronic drum sets
  • Playing with flexible, realtime remix options

After the utilization of our music resources in securing Swiss Chris’ production and presentation platform, VisualEyz prepared the visual elements to be part of the night’s event. By choreographing our set to match rehearsals, we were able to assist Chris in triggering themed videos and graphics, as well as our own VJ performance.